Why Lake Vyrnwy Is an Amazing Place – Things to Do Around Lake Vyrnwy

13 Mar 2019 | Henstent News, Things to do in Bala

One of Wales’ Fantastic Lakes

This amazing reservoir is a favourite location to visit. It was originally a valley, chosen as it has a favourable geology, and the source river Vyrnwy has a large water catchment area. The river is 63 kilometres (39.7mi) it now flows from dam to Shropshire, it’s here where it converges with the River Severn.

A New Bastion of Nature

While the lake may not have natural origins, nature has done what it does best and has found a home in the lake.

Its surrounding trees and hills mean that it is a gorgeous nature spot for enthusiasts of bird watching and fishing alike. The spot is even designated a national nature reserve. Eagle-eyed bird watchers might be able to see a peregrine falcon, a pied flycatcher, redstarts, siskin and wood warbler. Every spring you can expect a fantastic dawn chorus. You can also look out for bats, butterflies, dragon flies, short eared owls, grouse. Across surrounding field land there’s also a dotting of sheep cattle, and even ponies!


Architectural Paradise

The dam itself is a sight to behold! A gigantic stone structure that thankfully looks absolutely gorgeous. A distinctive feature is the straining tower, with a. purpose to filter the water. The tower has a gothic revival architecture.

The Perfect Day Out

There is bike hire available for those who enjoy bike riding, it’s possible to cycle all the way around the lake, and some people prefer to walk it.

There is an award winning sculpture trail at the RSPB lake Vyrnwy nature reserve as all around the shores of the lake there are some superb works of art.


A Perfect Day Out

Activities in the Llyn Efyrnwy area includes hiking along Glyndwr’s Way, rock climbing, cycling, walking, rambling, and even horse riding. Every year, the Lake Vyrnwy Half Marathon is conducted annually, and the RSPB have laid down seven waymarked trails which ranged from 2 km to 9km, in a range of habitats.

Interestingly enough it was once home to the UK’s tallest tree, a Douglass fir a massive 63.79 metres (209 ft) high. This was damaged in stormy weather and was yet to be felled. A nearby Douglas Fir is now the tallest at 60.62 metres, yet the tallest tree in Wales.

Did you know that on a clear day Lake Vyrnwy can be clearly seen from space?

Best of all is that this amazing reservoir is only a 24 minute drive from Henstent Park.