Why Go Camping

14 Jul 2021 | Henstent News

Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends whilst enjoying the outdoors, appreciating nature and staying active. What better than seeing the stars before going to sleep and waking up to birdsong. 

However, camping isn’t for everyone, but if you have never tried it before you should definitely give it a go. 

We know that there are a lot of concerns by camping novices which we have addressed below to help you decide whether camping is for you or not. 

Camping doesn’t necessarily mean roughing it. 

These days, camping equipment is so advanced so there is no reason why you cannot be comfortable, clean and have all your essentials at hand. Many camping facilities over electric hook ups, restaurants, hot showers and even wifi.

Camping isn’t boring.

The great thing about camping is that there is an immediate change in pace from your hectic home life. There are tons of things to do whilst camping including getting active and enjoying the landscape, visiting towns and attractions, playing games and sports or just chilling out with a good book. Camping is what you make it.

Expensive equipment isn’t needed.

There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to camping gear – some more expensive than others. However, to go camping you don’t need any fancy expensive equipment. All you really need to get started is a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping map and a few cooking utensils – much of what you can bring from home. 

You don’t need to be ‘outdoorsy’.

It’s a common misconception that to enjoy camping you need to be an outdoorsy person. Camping can be enjoyed by all and you don’t need to be a hardcore outdoors type to enjoy the countryside and the fresh air it brings with it. 

So why should you go camping? We’ll tell you.

Camping is cheap.

If you are looking for a holiday on a budget – camping is an excellent choice! As mentioned above you can bring mostly what you need from home and campsite fees start from just £6 a night. You can cook for yourselves and spend most of the day outside, on the beach, playing games or exploring which don’t cost anything either!

Camping is easy.

Being a camper is easy. As an amateur, you may have heard a lot of camping jargon and technical conversations about tents and other camping equipment, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. The only reason they are talking so in depth about it is because they love camping so much – which isn’t a bad sign.

Kids love camping.

Kids love the freedom to roam and make friends which is why camping is so great! It also gives your children some skills in self-sufficiency and resilience too making your trip not only fun but educational too.