Three Ways to Celebrate St David’s Day

28 Feb 2019 | Things to do in Bala

The mornings are getting lighter, the evenings are getting longer, there are lambs hopping, skipping and jumping about in almost every field. Bright and cheerful daffodils, among other seasonal plants, are livening up the scenery… and Wales beat the English in the Six Nations Rugby. All of this happening at about the same point means only one thing- that St David’s Day is coming!

We’ve provided a small guide to help you get in the swing of the celebration of St David’s Day, no matter where you are.

1: Learn a Little Bit of Welsh

Why not get the brain cells going with learning something new? While indeed the Welsh language has a bit of an (unfair) reputation for being quite harsh, we find that it’s rather beautiful, and always worthwhile to learn- regardless of what side of the border you live on. Did you know that the Welsh language was the inspiration behind Elvish in Tolkien’s fantasy books? Some phrases which are used on Saint David’s Day are as follows.

  • 1 (Easy) – “Cymru am Byth” / “coom-ree am beeth”
    Quite simple, and to the point. “Wales Forever” is a phrase you’ll often hear on St David’s Day.
  • 2 (Medium) —  “Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus” / “dee-the goil Deh-wee ha-peece”
    “Happy Saint David’s Day” is of course, the greeting of choice given the occasion.
  • 3 (Medium/Tough) – “Gwnewch y pethau bychain mewn bywyd” / “goo-new-ch e peth-aye beesth-ay-n meh-oun bwee-d”
    Quite a mouthful to non-native speakers, this is one of Saint David’s most beloved (and relevant!) sayings, “Do the little things.” This little bit of wisdom is useful for all walks of life, and essentially is good advice. Don’t burn yourself out on large goals. Do little things instead, to get there gradually. Even if you can’t pronounce it, it’s advice certainly worth remembering!


2- Drink some Welsh products

Wales is becoming quite the place for alcohol production. There are a number of Welsh brewery products being supplied in most UK supermarkets, and you won’t have to look far to enjoy the very best Wales has to offer. From North Wales, we highly recommend the Aber Falls Welsh gin and whiskey (which is made from water from Aber falls itself!) and from the South of Wales there really can be nothing better than Tiny Rebel, which is based in Newport. The beers from this company are just as varied and as well thought out as its imagery and branding- with countless fresh tastes just waiting to be discovered.


3 – Visit Henstent Park

We’re starting our 2019 season from the 1st of March, and we’ll be delighted to have you. With 25 pitches for tourers, motorhomes and trailer tents, as well as electric hook up for our guests convenience and their comfort, we’re quite certain that you’ll enjoy your time here- especially if the fine weather keeps up. (And we’re sure the area will provide plenty to do even if the skies get a little grey!)

In addition, we have an expansive and scenic camping dell, which is perfect for those wishing to get in touch with Mother Nature this spring. When nature gets a little too much, feel free to enter our camping lounge, which provides all the comforts of home, including power points, a fridge and a freezer for all of your items, as well as a microwave. Our lounge is fully kitted out to provide every comfort, including a sofa, table, chairs and a TV for when you need to reconnect.