The Henstent Park Open Weekend

6 Aug 2018 | Henstent News

We are pleased to announce that the Henstent Park Open Weekend is set to commence on the weekend of the 18th of August! You’re more than welcome to come on by and experience the delights of our beautiful holiday park in Wales, which lies just on the cusp of the rugged beauty and unparalleled majesty of the Snowdonia region.

We’re getting to be quite well known as an excellent spot for touring and camping holidays, and this summer season has seen a lot of newcomers to Henstent Park- but we’ve got a little something available for those that require a laid-back and luxurious experience on their holidays, with all the comforts of home thrown in.

The selection of Holiday Homes for Sale Henstent Park has is extraordinary – we only deal in quality holiday homes from well-established and well-respected manufacturers such as Willerby, Atlas, and Carnaby, just to name a few. We’ve got a variety of holiday homes at the moment which are perfect for all budgets – with some starter holiday homes starting at £9,999.

Should you have fallen in love with a Holiday Home you may have seen somewhere else but love our area (and who wouldn’t!), we’re more than happy to help you have your cake and eat it. We will happily source any make or model of holiday home caravan for you- so you can have the holiday home, and the holiday park, of your dreams.

For a very limited period (the Open Weekend!) we’re also throwing in a welcome gift to each and every person that chooses their holiday home. Should you choose one of our pre-owned holiday homes, we’re gifting you a completely new patio set. Should you choose a brand-new holiday home, we’ll be pleased to give you a little housewarming present of a brand new flatscreen TV.

We very much hope to see you at the Henstent Park Open Weekend, so do come on by and have a look around our beautiful holiday park in Wales.