How to keep camping fun for the whole family

22 Apr 2022 | Henstent News, Things to do in Bala

Camping is an activity much loved by people all over the world, it can be a great holiday and get-away alternative to often costly holidays such as going abroad. However we have all had that one camping trip which just did not go to plan right? The weather ruined the trip, or the site was full of insects, or more commonly trying to keep your family and kids entertained the whole time. Here is some valuable information you might need on how to keep your camping trip great and exciting, especially for bored children.

Be organised

Organisation is a key part of making sure your camping trip runs smoothly, which helps you to have a better experience all round. Make sure that you have your trip planned out ahead of time before you go. This will ensure that you can make the most out of your days by being efficient and not wasting valuable memories by being unprepared. You don’t want to be wasting time doing something daft such as trying to find the campsite, or wondering where the toilets are. A great way of sustaining an organised camping trip, is to plan an itinerary beforehand. It might sound old fashioned, but it is a very effective way of structuring out the days to make the most out of them.

You should make a list before your trip of everything you need to remember to bring, so there are no awkward moments when you realise you have forgotten spare clothes, and have to travel back to get things. Make yourself a checklist, and check things off as you are about to leave, making sure things are not forgotten. Highlight the most important items such as your purse or wallet, spare clothes. .

Keeping your belongings stored away tidily and neatly, will help your trips become more organised. This can prevent you from losing things, or not being able to find specific items you have packed away. It will also come in handy when it is time to leave, having all your belongings easy to access and easy to find.

Keeping the kids entertained

One of the biggest hassles for parents out there during camping trips, is trying to keep your kids entertained throughout the duration of the trip. You can add fun-filled activities to your itinerary discussed earlier, such as going for a walk to explore the local area, or booking activities that are available near to your campsite, fun for everyone on the trip. Bring along plenty of toys to keep themselves entertained, a rounders set can go a long way with regards to family fun, or simply just a football. Having other children present is massive, maybe you could plan a trip that involves other families.

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