A Day Out To Pistyll Rhaeadr

6 Aug 2019 | Henstent News, Things to do in Bala

You’ve finally reached us at Henstent Park but what is there to do nearby? Apart from the village pubs which have some rather tasty food and are good for a quiet afternoon drink, there are also plenty of sights to be seen.

Just a short drive away from us at Henstent Park is one of the seven wonders of Wales, Pistyll Rhaeadr. One of Britain’s tallest single-drop waterfall, you will be sure to find instant peace here and a much needed break if you lead a very busy lifestyle. The waterfall is a certified hit with those who stay at Henstent Park and we highly recommend that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the spectacle.

Getting to the waterfall

Leading up to the waterfall, is a long and winding road before you reach the falls car park. Do be aware if you do decide to drive that they do charge £4 to use the car park. Having said that, it gives you immediate access to the waterfall without having to walk.

If you do decide that you want the challenge of walking or simply just don’t fancy driving, you can walk from Henstent Park to the waterfall. However, bare in mind that it does take 3 hours with limited shop stop offs along the way, so make sure you take plenty of water and snacks.

Food & Drink

Once you arrive at the waterfall you will be greeted by a small café which serves a variety of cakes, hot drinks, ice cream and even Sunday lunch! There is an option to dine outside too which allows you to enjoy the magnificent sights of the waterfall.

If you decide to try some treats whilst you are there don’t be caught short, and make sure that you have cash on you. As the area is so remote, signal is limited and relying on the card machine working could be a big mistake, especially if you get thirsty after a long afternoon of exploring.

The Waterfall

Enter the gate on your right and you can see the waterfall in all its beauty. Whilst visiting take one of the two walking paths, which both vary in difficulty, and lead you out over the falls. It is advisable not to cross the river to gain access to the other side as there is no safe path down to the car park or café. However, you can climb along the ridge, above the cliffs and quarries, then drop back down, which can be a really nice walk but a lengthy one (3 miles to be exact!).

Reaching the top of the waterfall

Who wouldn’t want to reach the top of the waterfall? Take the easier route of the two and follow the track up the falls, to the top of the ridge and up the valley above the falls and you will see a walled wood where you will eventually come to a swing gate.

Continue making your way down between the trees and you will see the valley below with the river tumbling over into the pool below. Stay there for a little longer by taking a step back to the group of rocks which provide shelter and a seating area so you can really take in the sights.

If you travel further up the valley you will be met with many smaller waterfalls which are perfect for jumping in on a warm summer’s day.

So the next time you are staying with us at Henstent Park, make sure you take the time to visit the waterfall. You’ll definitely regret it if you don’t!

A Day Out To Pistyll Rhaeadr
Article Name
A Day Out To Pistyll Rhaeadr
Whilst visiting us why not explore Pistyll Rhaeadr for the day. With everything there that you could possibly need, why not visit this Welsh wonder.