5 Places to find Peace in North Wales

8 Apr 2019 | Henstent News, Things to do in Bala

The modern world can be one of hustle and bustle. Many people choose to come to North Wales to escape from the stresses of big city life. We have put together a list of some lovely peaceful locations where you can reconnect with nature and earth.

1. Lake Vyrnwy

This reservoir is south of lake Bala on the edge of Snowdonia National Park not far from the Shropshire border. The scenery here can be reminiscent of Switzerland – including hills, forests, waterfalls and the amazing lake. Lake Vyrnwy’s contradiction is that natural beauty is actually man made. It’s the result of a dam erected in the 1880s in order to provide running water to the Liverpool Merseyside area. Today this picturesque Lakeland features plenty of avian life in a 24,000 acre RSPB reserve. It’s a great place for a mindful walk to hear nothing but birdsong.

2. Pistyll Waterfall

Find peace amongst the tumbling waters of Rhayader waterfall, it gathers in a pool in the river above, surrounded by gorges and greenery. Coming to it you almost feel like you are in a tropical country rainforest scenario. It’s actually the highest waterfall in Wales and considered one of the seven wonders of Wales. The custodians are very quickly overcome by a sense of peace and reverence. There are lots of walks through this area.

3. Ogwen Valley

The south of Bangor in the national park of Snowdonia’s north. Home to many of North Wales’ favourite spots. Llyn Idwal, a small lake within Cwm Idwal, a bowl shaped feature carved by glaciation. On a good day the valley where the river Ogwen runs between two mountain ranges. The Glyderau and Carneddau. It’s as beautiful as anywhere in this wide wonderful world of ours. Even those who aren’t the fittest can get about this outstanding natural scenery. The walk to Llyn Idwal from the A5 takes under an hour, less than two miles each way, ascending up to 200ft. The more adventurous can climb nearby Tryfan, chosen even over Snowdon the UK’s favourite mountain a Trail Magazine poll.

4. Llandwyn Island

This peaceful place of tranquillity and relaxation is a fantastic place to visit. The verdant green grasses on the island, coupled with the handsome cliff faces, scenic beaches, the iconic white lighthouse of Ty Mawr and much more. It’s also known as the most romantic place in Wales. The island holds a place in myth and legend as the area where a broken hearted princess retreated to, to find solace. You too can find solace here.

5. Llyn Tegid, Bala Lake

This beautiful glacial lake Is a popular place for walking in silence and nature. While it’s true that its near the vibrant town of Bala, you can walk around this vast lake and find pockets of serenity and peace. Walks lead through woodland, flower covered meadows and much more. Mary Jones is said to have walked to Bala to get hold of her Welsh translation of the bible, only to have found that there was none left. The translator took pity and gave her his own. She had saved for six years to be able to afford the bible. Thomas Charles was so inspired that he helped to establish the Bala Bible society four years later. You too can come to Bala as part of your spiritual journey.